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CVPRO INDUSTRIAL DESIGN, S.L was born out of a private initiative among senior experienced professionals in the field of industrial computer aided design.


Nowadays, our team is formed of dynamic professionals possessing a strong experience in the field. Having our own resources and being accustomed to work as a team, gives us a level of involvement, stability and responsibility unreachable with a freelance specialist hired by the hour. The technical expertise, training and range of experience of each of our engineer enables us to stay flexible, together with our size not subject to the burden of a mother company vertically structured with its typically overhead costs (financial or business wise).


At present, we are in a growing phase as a direct result of the demand of the market but with no intention of becoming a business whose size would deprive us of the personal relations that define us, within our company and beyond.


Our team primary focus is to cover any of our customers needs. Our range of consultancy starts with small businesses – without considering their assignments less interesting because of their sizes – to the major players in our sectors including large international companies.


Until today, we have not encountered any competitor, given that any other company large or small in our sector is considered and treated as a colleague or client, never as adirect competitor. We are conscious of the fact that our product is translated into hours charged to the client, which can be delicate and inconvenient. However, our commitment and direct daily contact with the client enables us to maintain a constant disposition for improvement, both individually and collectively.


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